Training of Rambutan Fruit-stew Making

PT. Mangli Djaya Raya in collaboration with Labour Service of Regency Government of Jember once again conducted a training aimed at all employers. If the previous training had been aimed at the female employers, the following training’s objective was the male employers. The participants included factory and storage employers, drivers and office boys which totally amount 15 people.

In this training, Labour Service provided for free all materials and tools required. Those tools comprised bucket, scoop, pan and impulse sealer.

After the brief speech and the delivery of information regarding the steps of rambutan fruit-stew making, all participants were then asked to begin the process. There are three necessary steps for completing the cooking process, that is:

  1. First, remove the peel of rambutan and rinse with fresh water.
  2. Second, boil water along with enough amount of sugar, then put rambutan into that boiling water. Let rambutan be in the water for about an hour so that it will become softer.
  3. Third, if preferred, add spices, such as clove or kayu manis.
  4. Rambutan fruit-stew is ready to be served. This fruit-stew can be served hot or cool.

All participants looked so happy with the result of training which were fruit-stew and shared tools. By organizing this continuous training, PT. Mangli Djaya Raya is attempting to build the spirit and motivation of employers to be entrepreneur one day in the future.

Training on the Cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms


Our cooperation with Jember Labor Department goes on until now. After a success on a collaborative training on the making of numerous variety of food for home business, on September 13th ,2011 .
MDR with Labor Department conducted a training on the cultivation of oyster mushrooms.

We use an unoccupied land in front of Mangli warehouse as the ground for both the training and the cultivation itself. The trainers from the Labor Department have prepared Polybag that contained sawdust, bran, lime, gypsum, TSP fertilizer, and enough sterilized mushroom seeds. Then the trainees learn how to keep the air humidity and how to treat the mushrooms. The best temperature for the mushrooms to grow well is between 24-28 degree Celsius, while the best humidity to keep is 80-90 percent.

After that, the polybag is left alone for 6-8 weeks until the mycelium grows and fills up the bag. When the seed grows a little bit older, the bag is removed by taking off the rubber and hard pipe. Then the covering plastic is removed to give the surface of the ground where the mushroom is planted fresh air.The mushroom will be ready to harvest one week after the polybag is opened.


Every polybag can be harvested 4-6 times. The harvesting period is 2-3 months. We expect that further training will improve the MDR workers’ ability
in practicing the theory that they have got and that their knowledge will be useful for their society.

MDR Cares to Neighbors

The success we enjoyed in MDR cannot be separated from the support of our surrounding society.
We thank everyone for their support in each of our activities. As an expression of thank, we join some of the figures in the society to get involved in our Caring toward Neighbors program which is organized by Bangsal Sari sub-district.

This Caring toward the neighbors program is aimed to help the surrounding society by coupling with some of the related institutions and companies surrounding Bangsal sari. We played our part by donating 2 tons of rice.

We realize that our effort to help the surrounding society is still not enough. We expect, however, that our involvement in this program brings happiness to the society as much as we feel about it.
We will stay committed to bring prosperity to the society and this Caring towards Neighbor program is our stepping stone to reach our aim.

Mass Circumcision in Islamic Boarding School of Ariful Mannan

Jember is a city of Santris (Islamic students). Many Islamic boarding schools and figures live in the city.
One of the schools situated closely to MDR is Ariful Mannan.

To celebrate the school’s birthday, MDR took part in a mass circumcision activity.
We were welcomed with Khasidah (Islamic choir) sang very beautifully by the students of the school.
25 children aged 7 to 12 joined in the mass circumcision since morning.

We congratulated the children by giving away free sarongs to the children and the school.
We saw happy faces from everybody and we were happy to have taken part and help the success of the program.

The share-out of fertilizers

Farmers are one of the most important aspects in our company. The farmers provide us with the staples that we need to distribute to our customers around the world.

We express our gratitude by building a good relationship between PT. MDR and the farmers. On the last 8th July 2011, PT. Mangli Djaya Raya had a chance to visit one farming and production unit in Sebanen and shared out some amount of fertilizers to the tobacco farmers in the region.

What we witnessed in the region is the farmers’ sincerity in cultivating the tobacco. PT. Mangli Djaya Raya will always commit to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility both in the central office and in the other workplace and production unit of PT.Mangli Djaya Raya.