Training of Rambutan Fruit-stew Making

PT. Mangli Djaya Raya in collaboration with Labour Service of Regency Government of Jember once again conducted a training aimed at all employers. If the previous training had been aimed at the female employers, the following training’s objective was the male employers. The participants included factory and storage employers, drivers and office boys which totally amount 15 people.

In this training, Labour Service provided for free all materials and tools required. Those tools comprised bucket, scoop, pan and impulse sealer.

After the brief speech and the delivery of information regarding the steps of rambutan fruit-stew making, all participants were then asked to begin the process. There are three necessary steps for completing the cooking process, that is:

  1. First, remove the peel of rambutan and rinse with fresh water.
  2. Second, boil water along with enough amount of sugar, then put rambutan into that boiling water. Let rambutan be in the water for about an hour so that it will become softer.
  3. Third, if preferred, add spices, such as clove or kayu manis.
  4. Rambutan fruit-stew is ready to be served. This fruit-stew can be served hot or cool.

All participants looked so happy with the result of training which were fruit-stew and shared tools. By organizing this continuous training, PT. Mangli Djaya Raya is attempting to build the spirit and motivation of employers to be entrepreneur one day in the future.