Training on the Cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms


Our cooperation with Jember Labor Department goes on until now. After a success on a collaborative training on the making of numerous variety of food for home business, on September 13th ,2011 .
MDR with Labor Department conducted a training on the cultivation of oyster mushrooms.

We use an unoccupied land in front of Mangli warehouse as the ground for both the training and the cultivation itself. The trainers from the Labor Department have prepared Polybag that contained sawdust, bran, lime, gypsum, TSP fertilizer, and enough sterilized mushroom seeds. Then the trainees learn how to keep the air humidity and how to treat the mushrooms. The best temperature for the mushrooms to grow well is between 24-28 degree Celsius, while the best humidity to keep is 80-90 percent.

After that, the polybag is left alone for 6-8 weeks until the mycelium grows and fills up the bag. When the seed grows a little bit older, the bag is removed by taking off the rubber and hard pipe. Then the covering plastic is removed to give the surface of the ground where the mushroom is planted fresh air.The mushroom will be ready to harvest one week after the polybag is opened.


Every polybag can be harvested 4-6 times. The harvesting period is 2-3 months. We expect that further training will improve the MDR workers’ ability
in practicing the theory that they have got and that their knowledge will be useful for their society.