The Finding of Diabetic Medicine with Tobacco Substance

Medicinal engineering by assistance of tobacco plant is cheaper and more effective.

Tobacco is not apparently something against which we must always fight because of its contribution as raw material of cigarette. As attached on Biotechnology Bio Medical Centre (BMC) Journal, researchers have found the advantage of tobacco leaf in formulating type-1 diabetic medicine.The research undertaken by biogenetics experts succeeded producing a new tobacco plant which was resulted from genetic engineering. This genetically-engineered tobacco plant has such a protein substance named interleukin-10 (IL-10).

IL-10 is very necessary for people who suffer type-1 diabetic requiring insulin injection. IL-10 is also useful to be anti-inflammation and anti-swelling agent. Head of research from University of Verona, Mario Pezzotti, said that medicine and vaccine formulation by means of this engineering of tobacco plant is cheaper and more effective than any traditional medication method. He continued, several other plant species can also be made use within this research, yet tobacco remains the most favorite one.

“Tobacco is a remarkable plant because it has an ease to genetically transform and we can regenerate new plant just from one cell alone,” Pezzotti said as cited by Pezzotti and other researchers are nowadays planning to test medicine containing tobacco to experimental animal, such as mouse which has immunity disease, to identify its response. The researchers are also testing whether the utilization of this medicine in small dosage can be used for the prevention of diabetes. That tobacco-made medicine will be combined with other components found within tobacco leaf, i.e. glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65).

Some agrochemical-pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and Syngenta, have also attempted to develop protein implant towards the plant, but the ongoing research process still runs at slow pace.

Source :Vivanews

The Visit of Regency Government of Lamongan

The visit of Regency Government of Lamongan to PT. Mangli Djaya Raya took place at December 12th, 2011. This visit aimed to carry out comparative study and identify further about the tobacco processing, begun from the fresh raw material until the ready-exported tobacco leave.

Arriving at around 10 a.m., the delegation of Regency Government of Lamongan straightaway headed up to The Central Office of PT. Mangli Djaya Raya located at Bangsalsari, Jember. The delegation were welcomed by Production Manager Mr. Sugeng and Human Resources and Development Manager Mr. Adang. Having introduced the company profile of PT. Mangli Djaya Raya, they afterwards accompanied the delegation to take company tour so as to know more closely each part of production facility.

All delegation members seemed to be enthusiastic in observing every explanation delivered by Mr. Sugeng and team about the stages of tobacco processing in PT. Mangli Djaya Raya. According to those explanation, there are six stages required to process fresh tobacco to be ready-marketed product.


These stages are as follows:

  1. Sorting and blending
  2. Reconditioning and redrying
  3. Picking
  4. Moisture testing and chemical analyzing
  5. Quality controlling
  6. Packaging

After the introduction of tobacco production process had been done, the visit agenda was concluded by luncheon. At the end of this visit, all delegation members were quite content for entirely valuable information and new insight they got during the visit. It is hoped that through this visit, all stakeholders of Regency Government of Lamongan will be motivated to progressively develop tobacco potential that already exists in Lamongan.

MDR Implements an Environmental-friendly Office


With the emergence of global issues, many offices, people, and companies start to implement environmental-friendly houses or offices. MDR also took part in the campaign.

We believe that a small step that we do would be beneficial for our earth. Some of our efforts to reach the aim are by reusing used papers to print out or to copy drafts and internal records, separating wastes from our tobacco production into different categories: tobacco dusts, dry draffs, wet draffs, and B3 waste. We manage our waste well and we also do a little restoring greenery in our office and company area.

We realize that we still have plenty to offer in creating an environmental-friendly office to overcome global warming. We also understand that our little attempt to solve the problem will be useful for our earth and environment.

Mangli Djaya Raya took part in TABEXPO 2011 Prague

In line with the vision of MDR; which is to “Expose the world with quality agricultural products.”,   from November 15-18 2011, Mangli Djaya Raya got the chance to take part in an International Exhibition called TABEXPO 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. The exhibition was attended by numerous supplier companies of tobacco, cigar, and cigarette machine from around the world.

We were so happy meeting clients coming from different parts of the world.  We could explain about our products and our efforts to bring our company forward. In the exhibition, we exhibited numerous quality tobacco products that we have. We also introduced our new product, cigar, which we are still developing for our customers.

We also promoted one of the cultural heritage of Indonesia; batik. Everyone who visited our stand got free batik, batik letter seal which has a Wayang motif, and our company’s calendar. The visitors were happy to receive the souvenirs from us. Once again, we are very happy to have become the part of TABEXPO and proud to have met all of you.

We will see you again in TABEXPO 2015 London!!

Halal Bihalal with the Entire Family of MDR

As part of the tradition, Moslems usually get together in a big reunion after celebrating Eid festival day. Therefore, on September 15, MDR invite its entire family in a Get-together and communal pray activity.

The activity is started at 4 pm. All workers from all units together with their own families and members of the surrounding society come to our central office (situated in Petung). We chat, share jokes, and forgive each other.

Then, the activity is continued with a speech from the Vice President of MDR, Mr. Christian Adi Njoto Njoo. He expresses many gratitude remarks to everyone for their support and hard work for MDR. He also hopes that MDR will keep improving for the future. The next activity is reading Yaasin and praying together lead by one of the religious figures. The big family of MDR is very enthusiastic with the activity and happy to have met the other families.