The Finding of Diabetic Medicine with Tobacco Substance

Medicinal engineering by assistance of tobacco plant is cheaper and more effective.

Tobacco is not apparently something against which we must always fight because of its contribution as raw material of cigarette. As attached on Biotechnology Bio Medical Centre (BMC) Journal, researchers have found the advantage of tobacco leaf in formulating type-1 diabetic medicine.The research undertaken by biogenetics experts succeeded producing a new tobacco plant which was resulted from genetic engineering. This genetically-engineered tobacco plant has such a protein substance named interleukin-10 (IL-10).

IL-10 is very necessary for people who suffer type-1 diabetic requiring insulin injection. IL-10 is also useful to be anti-inflammation and anti-swelling agent. Head of research from University of Verona, Mario Pezzotti, said that medicine and vaccine formulation by means of this engineering of tobacco plant is cheaper and more effective than any traditional medication method. He continued, several other plant species can also be made use within this research, yet tobacco remains the most favorite one.

“Tobacco is a remarkable plant because it has an ease to genetically transform and we can regenerate new plant just from one cell alone,” Pezzotti said as cited by Pezzotti and other researchers are nowadays planning to test medicine containing tobacco to experimental animal, such as mouse which has immunity disease, to identify its response. The researchers are also testing whether the utilization of this medicine in small dosage can be used for the prevention of diabetes. That tobacco-made medicine will be combined with other components found within tobacco leaf, i.e. glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65).

Some agrochemical-pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and Syngenta, have also attempted to develop protein implant towards the plant, but the ongoing research process still runs at slow pace.

Source :Vivanews